The last blog post looked at the often overlooked palette knife, which can be a wonderful tool for the artist looking to imbue an artwork with texture and vitality.

Well if you’re looking for an artist that embodies all the rich qualities of this unique painting tool, then look no further than Iranian artist Salman Khoshroo.

His work embodies many of the best qualities of the palette knife- exuberant texture, freedom of expression, and liberality of paint application. His paintings lean heavily towards abstraction, but they are in essence figurative. The portraits and figures appear to twist and writhe like some mad dance of paint.

Khoshroo’s paintings really charge your imagination in terms of what the palette knife is actually capable of. To think such a simple, humble tool can achieve such lofty expression is a wonderful incentive to experiment.

Such vivid, emotionally intense work from a man who only taught himself how to paint because a government curfew forced him to spend more time in his photography studio.

It leads to a simple sentiment; it’s worth stepping out of your comfort zone occasionally and embracing a tool or approach that may initially intimidate, but which will inevitably expand your range and mode of expression. You can find more of Salman Khoshroo’s work here: