Watercolour Painting

Hello artists, What a summer we're having so far, fantastic! This month we'll be taking a look at some of the basics of Watercolour painting, as it can be a wonderfully rewarding or extremely frustrating medium, depending on who you ask. I know some...

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Artist Spotlight- Salman Khoshroo

The last blog post looked at the often overlooked palette knife, which can be a wonderful tool for the artist looking to imbue an artwork with texture and vitality. Well if you're looking for an artist that embodies all the rich qualities of this unique...

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The art of the palette/painting knife

I've recently been getting my students to work with a palette knife/painting knife, so it seems appropriate to post something regarding this technique. The first distinction to make is there are actually two types of knife, a palette knife and a painting knife- the...

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