Peter Tinkler           

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Professional Biography

Art tutor and illustrator, with over seven years of experience working in art eduction, specialising in art classes for adults. Experience in both mainstream and special education, and provide regular workshops and projects for creative institutions across the U.K. Journal and book illustrations for creative establishments such as V. Press Publishing, Writing West Midlands, Fairacre Press, Ovid Verlag Publishing (Germany), and HCE Magazine (UK).

 Exhibitions & Publications

RBSA Open Media Exhibition, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham, March-April 2017

Hidden Talents, The Arches Project, Digbeth, Birmingham, July 2016

Sandra Dieckmann Exhibition, The Wightman, Shrewsbury, July 2014,

The Uncurated Show, Hopkinson Gallery, Nottingham, June 2014,

Urban Life, Daniel Libeskind Space, London, April 2014,

Through the Woods, Ort Cafe, Birmingham, Oct, 2013,

Faces, Artwork Cafe, Edgbaston, Birmingham, Aug-Sept, 2013,

Addiction, Cranstoun Gallery, Dudley, June 2013,

Young Artists of the Year, The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle, Nov-Dec 2011,

Arts After Dark, New Orleans, U.S.A. Oct 2010,

Word is Drawn, The Others, London, Sept-Oct 2010,

100 Square Foot Artworks, London, May 2010,

The Art of Listening, Sheffield, Feb. 2010.

 Diversifly: Poetry and Art on Britain’s Urban Birds, Book illustration, Fair Acre Press, The Old Man in the House of Bone, Book illustrations including cover image, V. Press Publishing,The Iceni Daughter, Book cover, Shye Publishing, Maligned Species: Nettles, Cover artwork, Fairacre Press, Dried Bones EP Cover artwork, Ramzine Mag, Through the Woods, Book illustrations including cover image, Fair Acre Press, Being Here, Book illustrations, St Giles Hospice Publishing, Ancient Memories, HCE Magazine, Virgil’s Aeneid, Ovid Verlag Publishing, Pass it On, Outside, Creaturemag, Beyond the Wall, Book cover, Writing West Midlands, The Incredible Finvention Story, Access Art (iBooks), Distracted Dad, Latest Homes Magazine

Teaching & workshop experience 2012-2017:

Drawing and Painting Techniques, 12 week course experimenting with a variety of drawing and painting mediums, St Paul’s, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham,

An Introduction to Oil Painting Techniques, 10 week course looking at the techniques and materials used in traditional oil painting, St Paul’s, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham,

An Introduction to Art Techniques, Lead tutor exploring a variety of drawing and painting mediums, mac Arts Institute, Edgbaston, Birmingham,

Art Tutoring Workshop, Drawing media and Watercolour painting demonstrations for the teaching faculty at Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School, Yardley Wood, Birmingham,

Illustration for Text, Lead tutor exploring the relationship between text and image through a variety of illustration techniques, mac Arts Institute, Edgbaston, Birmingham,

Painting for Pleasure, The Independent Art School, Lead art tutor delivering painting and drawing classes at The Custard Factory, Digbeth, Birmingham,

Creative Connections, Drawing and Painting Workshops for vulnerable woman, Maple Trees Children’s Centre, Redditch,

Five Ways to Well-being, School Arts Residency Project, Crestwood School, Dudley,

Unique People, Unique Identities, Collaborative Art Project at St. Giles Hospice, Lichfield,

Who Am I, Leaps & Bounds Art Project at Sutton College working with 16-18 yr old students,

The Art of Expression, A Worcestershire art project to raise awareness of domestic abuse,

Art in Health hosted at the Sure Start Children’s Centre (ten projects in total),

Written Image Poetry and Art fusion Workshop for families at the Birmingham Art Gallery,

Portfolio Preparation for Art & Design at the Inkberrow Design Centre, Redditch,

We3Write Sandwell Valley School’s Projects,

Sandwell Valley Poetry & Art Project (ACE Funded)



BA (Hons) Illustration 2009 (2:1)

BA (Hons) Animation 2003

PTLLS Level 4 qualification in the Life Long Learning Sector.

DBS updated 04/08/2017

I wanted to draw and paint all my life, particularly as this was not part of school in India at the time! So I waited until I retired and joined Peter’s class. I have had the opportunity to try different mediums and techniques. I even dared to draw in a museum setting with Peter’s encouragement. I have enjoyed learning and continue to do so because the atmosphere in the class is very informal and relaxed. I never thought I would be able to draw and paint but with Peter’s help, I am thoroughly enjoying it. Peter is a passionate, interested teacher
Dr. Prema Iyengar

Peter is an inspiration and has a wealth of knowledge on skills and techniques gained through his ongoing work as a professional practising artist. I now totally embrace oils as my weapon of choice – what a fantastic medium! All this is down to, firstly Peters recommendation I should try oils and then his enthusiasm and guidance. Id recommend his classes unreservedly!”

I learnt a tremendous amount about the materials, composition and painting generally over the duration of the course. I found the exercise in copying a famous artist’s painting so revealing. Overall the course was a lot of fun.

Art is a challenge, a pleasure and a struggle. It is also rewarding and a creative escape so a wonderful antidote to stress.

Since joining Peter’s Painting for Pleasure group in 2015 I have experienced all of the above. But above all, my knowledge and skills in pursuit of progress have been nurtured, nudged, directed and guided by the most skilful approach and light touch of Peters tutorledge. He invites you to join in his passion and delight of colour and mark making whilst exploring art through the ages, both classical and contemporary styles, but above all through the sheer pleasure of having a go!

The atmosphere Peter creates is supportive and inclusive of all abilities. He knows how to guide, lead, and deliver what can be a challenging subject and is able to do this with skill, humour, experience and passion. All the ingredients, in my opinion, of a much valued teacher


I have been doing lessons with Peter for over one year. Learning with him is quite fun but effective at the same time. Although he plans the topic for each lesson, he is quite flexible and allows people to go at their own pace. He is also happy for students to develop their own work during lessons if they prefer to, while helping them with comments alongside. He always looks at the work I do outside of the lessons when I email them and gives his views and suggestions on how to improve them. Thanks Peter, very much appreciated.