Hello Artists,

I hope everyone is healthy and staying safe in what are the strangest of times.

After a lot of thought, I have decided to begin all the courses on the dates advertised, but instead, I will hold them via a live video link (this will be Zoom which is free and easy to use). It’s impossible to know how long we will be in isolation, although it does appear ever more likely that it will continue for some time yet.

I will now be offering a 20% discount on all courses, which includes anyone who signed up before this was announced. The classes will still be interactive, and other than not being present in the same space, continue as they usually do.

I will still be offering my expertise on materials such as graphite, charcoal, pen & ink, and painting paraphernalia in both acrylic and oil.

We’ll still cover topics like drawing from direct observation, landscapes, portraits and the figure in various media. Techniques such as creating depth in a drawing, applying tone in ink, the proportions of the face, atmospheric perspective, and so much more will be covered in detail. 

Every student will receive individual feedback on what they show me via Zoom, or send over to me after the session. I will endeavour to offer my insight as always, tailored specifically to the individual.

If the lockdown ends before the courses finish, the remainder of the courses will continue at the venue as originally planned, but the 20% discount will remain in place.
In such unusual times, it feels more important than ever to be creative and artistically active, but also retain a semblance of social interaction.

I will continue to update the Art Courses Birmingham Facebook page with student work from the archives and any new info, so please do Follow the page.

If you have any specific questions with regards the course details please get in touch, I’m happy to help.

All the very best folks, stay safe and healthy.


Peter Tinkler

Art Courses Birmingham Testimonials


This course was a lifesaver for me and provided a wonderful opportunity to develop my oil painting skills. The expert instruction and demonstration delivered with such ease by Peter made the whole experience so enjoyable. Too much information I will need to enrol on a future course to process this one! Thank you Peter.

Mary Blackall


I wanted to draw and paint all my life, particularly as this was not part of school in India at the time! So I waited until I retired and joined Peter’s class. I have had the opportunity to try different mediums and techniques. I even dared to draw in a museum setting with Peter’s encouragement. I have enjoyed learning and continue to do so because the atmosphere in the class is very informal and relaxed. I never thought I would be able to draw and paint but with Peter’s help, I am thoroughly enjoying it. Peter is a passionate, interested teacher

Dr. Prema Iyengar


Art is a challenge, a pleasure and a struggle. It is also rewarding and a creative escape so a wonderful antidote to stress. Since joining Peter’s ‘Painting for Pleasure’ group in 2015 I have experienced all of the above. But above all, my knowledge and skills in pursuit of progress have been nurtured, nudged, directed and guided by the most skilful approach and ‘light touch’ of Peters’ tutorledge. He invites you to join in his passion and delight of colour and ‘mark making’ whilst exploring art through the ages, both classical and contemporary styles, but above all through the sheer pleasure of ‘having a go’! The atmosphere Peter creates is supportive and inclusive of all abilities. He knows how-to guide, lead, and deliver what can be a challenging subject and is able to do this with skill, humour, experience and passion. All the ingredients, in my opinion, of a much-valued teacher



I initially contacted Peter to have one to one painting lessons which were absolutely great and I learnt so much. He then told me about the Saturday painting classes he runs in St Paul’s Church and I just had to check it out! From my first visit till today I am so amazed by the space in which we get to paint. The church itself is such an inspiration. Peter allows us through his own demos and guidance to try out new styles of paintings. Each week is a different style and I look forward to having a go (not always feeling confident to start but as there are other painters in the same position we all have a good time trying it out!) There are weeks when I just want to do my own painting and Peter has given me tips on how to do that. So the classes are what you make them too! I absolutely love my Saturday painting class and highly recommended it to anyone wanting to paint, whether it be for the first time or someone who feels like they don’t have the time or space at home. It’s given me back my love of painting. I’ve now got the time and space to do it and have met some great people to paint with. Thanks Peter!



Peter’s classes are perfect for the novice. Everything is provided. You are only asked to bring a rag to wipe your brushes or take excess paint off the canvas. He takes the time to explain the materials and how to get the best out of them, setting tasks that help you explore and get used to oil paints and how they work. In the first few weeks, he also teaches how to stretch canvases and mix colours. Everyone is allowed to work at their own pace and he encourages each person with advice and guidance to help them achieve the best results and gain in confidence. I would highly recommend his classes.



Peter is an inspiration and has a wealth of knowledge on skills and techniques gained through his ongoing work as a professional practising artist. I now totally embrace oils as my weapon of choice – what a fantastic medium! All this is down to, firstly Peters recommendation I should try oils and then his enthusiasm and guidance. Id recommend his classes unreservedly!”



I have been doing lessons with Peter for over one year. Learning with him is quite fun but effective at the same time. Although he plans the topic for each lesson, he is quite flexible and allows people to go at their own pace. He is also happy for students to develop their own work during lessons if they prefer to, while helping them with comments alongside. He always looks at the work I do outside of the lessons when I email them and gives his views and suggestions on how to improve them. Thanks Peter, very much appreciated.



I have been attending classes with Peter for three years. I have vastly improved my painting in that time. He draws on the positives of what you paint and builds your confidence. He also comments on how to improve. He makes the class interesting by setting various themes; paintings styles from different cultures or painting in the style of a particular artist. His classes are engaging and very interesting – he encourages us to explore different painting techniques and helps develop your own style of painting. He is a very enthusiastic tutor and passionate about his craft and keen to share his knowledge with students.