One to One Art Tuition Birmingham

One to One Art Tuition

If the group art course setting is not your thing, and you’re on the lookout for more specific tutoring on drawing and painting techniques, I also provide 1-to-1 art tutoring at my home studio in Oldbury. I provide tutoring on drawing media, particularly graphite and charcoal, acrylic, pen and ink, and of course oil painting.

Please contact me via email for more details on price and availability for one to one art tuition.

My Home Studio

Art is a challenge, a pleasure and a struggle. It is also rewarding and a creative escape so a wonderful antidote to stress. Since joining Peter’s Painting for Pleasure group in 2015 I have experienced all of the above. But above all, my knowledge and skills in pursuit of progress have been nurtured, nudged, directed and guided by the most skilful approach and light touch of Peters tutorledge. He invites you to join in his passion and delight of colour and mark making whilst exploring art through the ages, both classical and contemporary styles, but above all through the sheer pleasure of having a go! The atmosphere Peter creates is supportive and inclusive of all abilities. He knows how to guide, lead, and deliver what can be a challenging subject and is able to do this with skill, humour, experience and passion. All the ingredients, in my opinion, of a much valued teacher

Peter’s classes are perfect for the novice. Everything is provided. You are only asked to bring a rag to wipe your brushes or take excess paint off the canvas. He takes the time to explain the materials and how to get the best out of them, setting tasks that help you explore and get used to oil paints and how they work. In the first few weeks, he also teaches how to stretch canvases and mix colours. Everyone is allowed to work at their own pace and he encourages each person with advice and guidance to help them achieve the best results and gain in confidence. I would highly recommend his classes.

I learnt a tremendous amount about the materials, composition and painting generally over the duration of the course. I found the exercise in copying a famous artist’s painting so revealing. Overall the course was a lot of fun.

I have been to Peter’s oil painting classes as a beginner and improver. His method of teaching is instructive without being too confining. When I first started using oil I was very unsure of myself but Peter’s enthusiasm and knowledge has helped me progress and become more confident with this fairly difficult medium. I highly recommend his classes, inspirational and fun