Drawing & Painting Saturday Morning



Saturday Morning Drawing and Painting Course  (10-12 pm):

Start date- 8th May 2021

End date- 24th July 2021

Venue: Birmingham and Midland Institute – PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOW VIA ZOOM

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Join artist Peter Tinkler on a Saturday Morning for some relaxed drawing and painting techniques via Zoom live video. The classes are suitable for beginners and intermediate. Each week we'll look at a new medium, step-by-step, in an informal, fun atmosphere. Techniques such as drawing with pencil, charcoal, pastel, and ink will be explored, demonstrating how different marks can create texture and depth. Painting mediums such as acrylic will be introduced, showing students a variety of brushes and their effects, on themes ranging from portraits, landscapes, still life's and much more. Students can go at their own pace, individual advice and tips are given, and all materials are provided with the exception of an A3 sketch/painting pad. 

Course details and payment for Drawing and Painting Techniques classes:

Saturday Morning Drawing and Painting Course  (10-12 pm):

Start date- 8th May 2021

End date- 24th July 2021

Venue: Birmingham and Midland Institute - PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOW VIA ZOOM

About the Zoom Art Classes

Zoom Art Classes are fairly new for us. Back in early April this year, when I knew the May semester would not be going ahead as planned at the venue but instead would be conducted live via Zoom, I was concerned. There was so much uncertainty with taking all the courses online, I’d never used Zoom before (I hadn’t even heard of it before then), and honestly I didn’t know if this format would work.

Well, I’m pleased to report that all the online art courses for the May semester were a success. The students found the Zoom format easy to access and user friendly, and it’s free to download.
The live art tuition follows the same structure as the classroom setting, which always begins with an introduction to the theme and the materials, followed by a demonstration by me to get everyone up and running. I still provide plenty of individual feedback during the online art class, with the added bonus that the Zoom sessions are recorded.

After the live video class, the students receive a recording of the session, which only they have access to, and can be watched as many times as they wish. During the Zoom classes, the students are also free to share their work with each other, offering ideas and encouragement.

After each lesson, as an added bonus, I’ve been making group feedback videos on all work produced in class, which has proved very popular with the students. This is in addition to feedback during the lesson itself, as well as individually via email.

The Zoom art classes were initially forced upon me, but have proved an excellent short-term solution to an unprecedented situation. The priority is for everyone involved to feel calm and safe whilst creating beautiful art, and Zoom is proving the ideal vessel for that.


With regards to materials for the course, ordinarily, I would provide most of them. However, we are of course in extraordinary times, so for the Zoom format, you have to source your own. To make this a lot less daunting a task, I’ve collaborated with Cass Art and created a recommended ‘basket’ of materials that you can purchase via the link below. As an added bonus there is a 10% discount on any purchases. Also, you can add or remove any items to the current list. Happy shopping!