Life Drawing Classes Tuesday Evening (BMI Venue)



All Courses are for Adults over the age of 18 only

Tuesday evening Life Drawing (18:30-21:00)

Tuesday evening Life Drawing (18:30-21:00)- Start Date Sept 10th- Nov 26th (12 consecutive weeks)

Venue – Birmingham and Midland Institute, 9 Margaret St, Birmingham B3 3BS


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Life Drawing Classes

Drawing and Painting the Live Model

Join me for a wonderful opportunity to learn to draw the figure from observation. I’ll be using an experienced life model for each of the 12 weeks, studying the human form using various drawing media including pastels. There’s something exhilarating and deeply satisfying about studying the human body in all its graceful dynamism, especially using both drawing and paint media. It is a worthy endeavour that has been an important part of many artists’ training throughout the centuries. Although a difficult skill to master, mistakes become an integral part of the learning process; it is a discipline that will improve your observation and your appreciation of the challenges of drawing from life. The sessions will begin with a variety of shorter ‘action’ poses, which will be executed mostly in pencil and charcoal. These quicker sketches, or gestural drawings, help with loosening up and getting students familiar with working from life, whilst also enjoying the process of observing the figure in dramatic poses. Gestural drawings are about capturing the essence of the pose, a sense of movement and flow, without the burden of details, or even accuracy. As the course progresses I’ll extend the poses, giving students more time to appreciate the nuances of the figure, light and shadow, facial features, and other details.